Recent Rumors About Valorant

Recent rumors say that in Valorant game will appear the main character of the previous Riot games — the warrior Sorey. The game is not just a remake, the developers are going to make significant changes. Also, the game is going to receive a new director.


Another rumors say that in Valorant game will be the final boss, but that’s not the case. The last boss of the game is a huge dragon. When you get to the dragon you will have to fight him and you will have to use all your skills and resources to defeat him.


The story of the game is about the world in the universe of Valorant. The game is set on the planet that is called Valorant, that’s why the name of the game is Valorant. The planet is under the attack of an alien race called the “Voidlings”. The Voidlings are trying to destroy the planet and exterminate all the human kind on it.


Since the game is in the early development stages, we can’t say for sure what is the final goal of the game. But we can only speculate that the goal is to save the planet from the Voidlings.


What do you think about those rumors?

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